Friday, September 7, 2007

No iCar Could Not Have Said It Better...

One of the best iCar comments that I have seen yet:

HyperHacker @ Engadget, Sep 2nd 2007 10:22PM

  • No steering wheel, no dashboard, no pedals, no gear shift. The windshield is a giant touchscreen. You poke at the object you want to drive toward and use sliders and buttons to control how fast.
  • Costs much more than all other cars on the market, has less features, and is generally inferior, but for some reason is by far the most popular car there is.
  • Cannot be refuelled. You must bring it to an Apple service station to have it exchanged for a new one when the tank dries up.
  • Early versions will crash every few hours. Later versions will be more stable, and have all manner of unnecessary eye candy.
  • Music may only be played by plugging in your iPod.
  • Nintendo will release a shopping cart that copies its look. Firmware hacking will enable it to function as a car, but capable of reaching only 95km/h and occasionally stalling, because nobody who tries to make a replacement firmware will be able to get it quite right. However, given the total cost and additional features, it will be a much better purchase overall. Nintendo will also release a bike that copies the look, but nobody will even try to hack it, despite how much everyone wants to see it hacked.
  • Engadget will post hundreds and hundreds of articles about it.

HyperHacker may not be all that far from the truth.

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